How to Upgrade URLs After Transferring to your new WordPress site?

How to Upgrade URLs After Transferring to your new WordPress site

Do you wish to upgrade URLs after transferring your WordPress site?

It can be quite debilitating to edit each post or page merely to replace URLs that are old. In this article, we will show you, how you can easily upgrade URLs when moving your WordPress website.

When and Why Do You Need to Update URLs?

Let’s guess you transferred a WordPress site to a new domain name. By visiting WordPress settings page after that you can change the WordPress address and site URL. Nevertheless, this doesn’t alter the URLs that you have added in pages and your posts. It also does not alter the URLs of pictures you have added to your own WordPress website.

Altering all these URLs manually might be quite time-consuming, and there will be a possibility that you will miss some URLs. Where you’ll need this tutorial that’s. Let’s see when transferring your WordPress website, just how to simply and quickly update URLs.

Update URLs After Moving a WordPress Site

  • First, ensure that you’ve got a complete backup of your WordPress website. This plugin enables you to quickly revert in case something bad happens through the upgrade procedure.
  • Then, you activate the Velvet Blues Update URLs plugin and have to install. For more information, see our step-by-step guide on how to put in a WordPress plugin.
  • Upon activation, you have to visit plugin settings to be configured by Tools » Update URLs page.
  • Here you need to provide the new and old URLs of your website. After that, you need certainly to choose where you desire the URLs to be upgraded.
  • Go forward and choose each thing then click on the ‘Update URLs button and you want to update.
  • The plugin will find and replace all cases of old URL along with your brand-new URL.
  • You can now visit your new site to see that all URLs are updated.

Hopefully, this post helped you understand when moving your WordPress website, how exactly to upgrade URLs. You may even wish to find out our step-by-step WordPress SEO guide for newcomers.