Optimize Your WordPress Database with One Click [Simple Trick/Tip]

Optimize Your WordPress Database with One Click

Do you wish to optimize your WordPress database?

Optimizing your database improves functionality and cleans up unwanted information which reduces database size. In this essay, we will show you just how to optimize your WordPress database with one-click quickly.

Why do You need To Optimize Your WordPress Database?

In case you have been using WordPress for a while, then there’s probably lots of worthless information in your database including post revisions, spam opinions, rubbish, ephemeral choices, orphaned metadata, and so on.

This information increases your WordPress database size, which means your WordPress backups will require more disk space and time to restore.

Cleaning up this data that is unwanted significantly reduces your WordPress database size, which means faster copies, easier restore, and improved database functionality.

With that said, let’s see how you can easily optimize your WordPress database and remove litter.

The way to Optimize Your WordPress Database

  1. You have to ensure that you just create an entire WordPress backup before moving forward because you will be working in your WordPress database.
  2. Then, you have to install including Activate WP-Optimize plugin.
  3. WP-Optimize plugin was developed by the same team behind the popular WordPress back-up plugin, UpdraftPlus.
  4. Upon activation, the plugin will put in a brand new menu item in your WordPress admin bar labeled WP-Optimize. Clicking on it is going to take one to plugin’s settings page.
  5. You will visit a listing of procedures that your database will be performed on by the plugin. Review them carefully and assess any piece that you simply don’t would like to run right now.
  6. Items marked in red demand more intensive database operations. Then data may be corrupted by it if the process is interrupted through the operation. That we firmly advise that you create a copy of your website before selecting those items in red.
  7. After selecting those items, click on ‘Run on all chosen items’ button on top.
  8. That’s, you all have optimized your WordPress database.

Note: In case your MySQL database tables are utilizing the InnoDB engine, then WP-Optimize Won’t perform database table optimization. You can perform that operation using phpMyAdmin. View our beginner’s guide on WordPress database management with phpMyAdmin for comprehensive directions.

We hope this study assisted you to optimize WordPress database. You may also need to find out our ultimate guide to boost WordPress speed and operation.