Best Odiyan Sarees for the Would Be Bride

Best Odiyan Sarees for the Would Be Bride

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Every culture of India is known for its own rituals and traditions when it comes to marriages. when it comes to big fat Indian weddings, Oriya weddings are barely talked of. But in an Oriya wedding the bride and groom have a myriad of traditional costumes to wear for various different ceremonies.

There is a high regard for sarees worn by the bride. Females in the bride’s family go to all extremes to make the bride to be look special on her wedding day and mostly opt for ikkat silk sarees or ikkat cotton sarees for these rituals.

Just like the popularity of Rajasthanikota silk, chanderi and Maheshwari silks, Oriyan brides usually are seem donning Orissa sarees. Here are some of the popular varieties:

  • The Sambalpuria silk sarees

As the name suggests, the design originates from Sambalpur district and known as Odisha handloom saree. These sarees as often used as wedding wear with their famous checker design.

  • BrahmapuriPata Styles sarees

These sarees are known to be a living legend in many Oriyan communities. The proud legacy of Brahmapur, brides are often seen wearing these age old traditional sarees for their wedding.

  • Stunning Ikkat sarees

While traditional brides are seen wearing popular Odishan sarees, the ikkat sarees are quite a rage among modern day brides. The design of Ikat originates from Bargarh and is easily available in a myriad of colours to choose from. If not to be worn on wedding day, ikkat and ikkat pattu sarees these can easily become part of the wedding trousseau.

  • Bomkai or Sonepuri Saree

These sarees are popular and available in a variety of vibrant colours. Bomkai sarees are available in both silk as well as cotton and often chosen by brides who are looking for rich and elegant weaves.

  • The old and Famous Matha silk

Wearing a yellow saree with red border is quite a common tradition for a bride complimented with heavy gold jewellery. Matha silk comes in elegant styles, colour and a soft fabric which is why it is always in high demand. These sarees are popularly known as Tussar silk and considered to be one of the must haves for a wedding trousseau. Besides, Matha silk is one of the very loved sarees all over India and often purchased by tourists for their wives and family members as a gift or souvenir.

  • Bapta Fabric

This traditional drape is from Koraput and found in silk and cotton. These beautiful sarees take weeks to create because of its unique design. The complexion of the bride is taken into consideration when picking out the design and colour so that it complements the bride beautifully. These sarees are not just available in traditional handloom, but a lot of celebrities are seen wearing these drapes and carrying them off with much elegance. These sarees are designed by top notch designers for them. Being a rage among popular celebrities, Bapta sarees seem to have been in huge demand.

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